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Global 999 Air Rescue offers to transport Organs from Hospital to Hospital in the shortest time possible

Helicopter and fixed wing Charter service are available starting at Rs1.8 lakhs plus other charges.


Golden Hour

In Medical Emergency, Medical attention within the Golden hour can help reduce the Patient’s morbidity and disability besides helping the Patient to recover earlier. For ensuring medical attention with in the golden hour to the casualty, helicopter equipped with emergency medical equipment and doctors qualified in emergency medicine will need to be utilised to stabilise the patient before air evacuation air transportation to the nearest specialty hospital.

Medical evacuation by helicopter directly to appropriate hospital not only saves time but also

• improves patient care
• reduces health care costs
• extends geographical reach of specialized medical centers
• increases patient survival and recoverability. Global Rescue 999 has
  been created with this concept in mind.

Timely Help to Patients

Whereas the helicopter is used to transport the ailing from Point A (nearest approved helipad) to the designated hospital (nearest approved helipad) at Point B.

The Company does not recommend hospitals, but just offers to transport the ailing to his designated hospital and provide a team of doctors who take care of the patient and are well equipped to handle medical emergencies that might arise during the journey.

The company also offers evacuation and ambulance services by road, sea and rail, but their air ambulance service lends them the badge of pioneers.

Timely Help to Patients

Air Ambulances are specially designed to the aero medical needs of the patient with life supporting equipments. Doctors and paramedics will be available to monitor the patient’s condition from time to time.

All the drugs necessary to sustain the life of the patient will be available on board. To be precise, it is actually a flying ICU to take the patient safely and quickly to the nearest major hospital. Ie Time is a factor.

Between an Air Ambulance and an Airline, a charter flight comes with a higher fee, but its doors are open to anyone with medical condition approved to fly. Evacuation by a general flight is less expensive if alone his medical condition permits. A charter flight can be made ready in about six hours, while bookings in an Airline are subject to availability of seats and will have to be provided 48 hours’ time to effect the necessary changes in a portion of the aircraft to address the special requirements of the patient and the doctors attending on him. Besides, charter flights make emergency treatments easier. Thanks to greater space, it can take on board all the equipment required for the treatment of a particular condition and accommodate more number of medicos than an airline would permit.

HEMS - a success story in USA

Currently in the USA, there are 792 dedicated private medical Helicopters. They undertake more than 30,0000 transports per year. (50% Accident Scene, 50% Transfers, 60% day and 40% night.


Global 999 Air Rescue also Covers -

Marine Medicare Services
Global999airrescue operates a Emergency Medical Centers with 24 hrs Ambulance Service.

The First one is inside the Port of Chennai for the benefit if Chennai International Terminal Pvt Ltd. - A joint venture of Port of Singapore authority with Chennai Port.

The services are handled by Global999airrescue as an independent operator-not attached to any particular hospital or doctor. The patient or accident victim is taken to the hospital of his choice after stabilizing him.

Highway Ambulance Services
Global999airrescue operates a Emergency Medical Centers with 24 hrs Ambulance Service at Red hills for L&T -Chennai Tada Toll way Ltd . It is a complete Emergency room with Qualified nurses and emergency equipments &medicines, 24hrs ambulance service
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